Register for the PZ Cussons Chemistry Challenge 2015
Posted: 18/Oct/2015

PZ Cussons Chemistry Challenge was initiated in 2013 by the PZ Cussons Foundation to stimulate, inspire and reward the study of science and chemistry in particular among senior Secondary school students.

The Champion will be crowned along with his/her teacher, parents and school in a special award ceremony with principal officers from Premier and other relevant stakeholders.

The competition shall be in three stages; First Stage, Second Stage and the Main Challenge.

The First quiz and all screened candidates shall participate at this stage.

The Second stage shall also be a written quiz and only the best 100 from the first stage shall qualify for the stage.

The Final stage which is the Main Challenge shall be the battle of the guns. Only the best four from the Second stage shall qualify for the Finals.

Only those who understand Chemistry as a discipline and how it relates to the real world will stand a chance to be crowned the 2014 Champion. Who would that be?

PZ Cussons Chemistry Challenge Competition Qualification.

The competition is open to all first and second year senior secondary school students in Lagos State. Interested students will need the endorsement of their schools and the support of their parents or guardians. These students have to be ready to demonstrate their chemistry dexterity, to challenge and be challenged in the PZ Cussons Chemistry Challenge. They will make history as the 2015 PZ Cussons Chemistry Challengers!

How to Participate – PZ Cussons Chemistry Challenge Competition.

1. Download the Registration Form here
2. Complete the form, and ensure that it is duly signed or stamped by your Parent/Guardian and  Principal/Authorized Personnel
3. Scan your completed form and send to
4. Bring the original copy to the quiz venues.
5. Not more than two students per school.

Alternatively, students/schools can pick up entry forms from the Lagos state Ministry of Education or either of the 6 educational district offices.

Candidates are advised to provide their true and reachable phone numbers and email address as exam centres would be communicated to them via these medium.

Only Successful candidates would be contacted

PZ Cussons Chemistry Challenge Competition Prize.

  1. Winner: Trophy + Gold Medal + ₦700,000  + Laptop for student. ₦100,000 for Chemistry teacher and ₦100,000 worth of Chemistry books for winning school.
  2. 1st Runner Up: Silver Medal+ ₦500,000 + Laptop for student. ₦80,000 for Chemistry teacher and ₦80,000 worth of Chemistry books for School.
  3. 2nd Runner Up: Bronze Medal + ₦400,000 + Laptop for student. ₦70,000 for Chemistry teacher and ₦70,000 worth of Chemistry books for School.
  4. 3rd Runner Up: Consolation medal + ₦300,000  + Laptop for student. ₦60,000 for Chemistry teacher and ₦60,000 worth of Chemistry books for School.
  5. Carex Merit Award Prize of N50,000 each for 5th to 10th position (6 students only).

Registration Closing Date:

Entry closes Wednesday, 4th November, 2015